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Adam King is a Toronto based multi-instrumental composer, producer and mix engineer with 20 years of industry experience. Having spent the first decade of his career working out of various live-in DIY recording studio spaces obsessing over his craft by co-writing, producing, performing-on, engineering & mixing as many projects as he could, King truly immersed himself in every aspect of music creation and recording. This was his Gladwellian training ground. And all of the struggle, success, joy & pain of those years formed who he is as a music creator today. It is this foundation that makes King's work unique; there is a depth, a vibrancy, a versatility and a passion that is palpable. And while his music has the ability to surprise, there is always a through-line that gives his work a distinct signature that is unmistakably his own.

Accolades from these early years include co-producing and mixing the Juno Award winning self-titled "Good Lovelies" album and landing a sync on the Certified Gold Soundtrack for Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt. 1 with "Northern Lights" by Cider Sky. More recently he produced the Canadian Platinum Single, "Bend" by Ria Mae. (Click here for a full list of early credits).

Ten years ago King began writing to picture for RMW Music (now Vapor) under the direction and guidance of Steven Mackinnon and Ted Rosnick (primarily). This was at a time when there was a seemingly endless demand for original commercial spots to be written. And King was immediately enraptured by the fast pace, constant output in myriad styles & genres, and the need for him to draw from a multitude of skill sets at once, all while being wholly responsible for every aspect of the music from the first note to the final mix. This would forever change the trajectory of his career; composing to picture had quickly become his passion. 

King has been composing for television full-time for the past 8 years (beginning with a 5-season run of the hit series "Kim's Convenience"), and while this continues to be his primary focus King takes on a variety of projects when time allows.


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