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Adam King is a seasoned multi-instrumental composer, producer, and mix engineer based in Toronto, boasting over two decades of industry expertise. For the past eight years, King has dedicated his talents to composing for television beginning with a standout 5-season run of the acclaimed series "Kim's Convenience."


In Kim’s Convenience, King introduced a meticulously crafted fusion of stylized jazz elements and percussion-driven hip hop, enriching the vignettes that chronicle life in Toronto. Beyond mere underscore, these musical interludes functioned as dynamic transitions, vividly depicting the urban backdrop against which the show's narratives unfolded. They served as vibrant, evocative snapshots that encapsulated the pulse and essence of the cityscape.


Stylistically, King excels in diversifying his approach across various projects. Demonstrating versatility and innovation, he consistently endeavours to craft distinctive sounds tailored to each production he contributes to. This commitment to artistic exploration is evident in his post-Kim’s repertoire, which encompasses vibrant indie pop (as showcased in Strays - CBC) and a rich tapestry of musical genres, ranging from orchestral arrangements to electro-infused compositions, from rock anthems to evocative horror soundscapes (as exemplified in Popularity Papers - BBC Kids/YTV/Nickelodeon).


King's adeptness at navigating stylistic shifts is rooted in his comprehensive musical background. While pursuing jazz studies as a drummer at York University, he garnered his first label release with his electronic/drum & bass project (2001). He sang in choirs, played in bands from folk-to-funk-to-electronic-to-indie-rock, worked with local hip hop artists, jazz singers, singer songwriters, pop music, instrumental music, ambient music, devotional music, metal music; he worked with everyone that he could. This wasn’t just the beginning of a career in music - it was continuing education, and a pursuit to master every aspect of music creation from downbeat to the final mix.


King co-produced, arranged & mixed the Juno award-winning self-titled album "Good Lovelies", secured a coveted sync on the certified gold soundtrack Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn pt. 1 ("Northern Lights" by Cider Sky), and co-wrote and produced the Canadian platinum & Socan #1 single, "Bend" by Ria Mae. Other notable collabs include Jesse J, Tyler Shaw, Allie X, Simon Wilcox, Jill Barber and more.

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